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Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh

Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh, MD MPH CCFP

GP Focused Practice in Sports Medicine

Dr. Ivan received his M.D. degree and specialty of general surgeon in Russia. He obtained a Master of Public Health degree from State University of New York at Albany, US and then PhD candidate status from McMaster University.

He completed residency in Family Medicine at McMaster University in 2010 with special distinction for professionalism, after receiving advanced training in sports medicine, emergency medicine and dermatology.

Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh is an active member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and holds an independent license to practice from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.


He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.

Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh has a busy practice in Brantford where he worked in Brantford General Hospital ER department in the past, and currently provides full scope of family medicine at Charing Cross Medical clinic and sees patients referred by other family physicians for joint injections and minor skin procedures.

Dr. Ivan is excited to open a new satellite clinic in Ancaster with special interest in sports medicine, treatment of chronic pain, joint injections, and PRP therapy.


Dr. Shcherbatykh has "GP Focused Practice in Sports Medicine" designation and accepts referrals from family doctors for assessment and joint injections without penalty to GPs

Brantford Joint Injection Clinic

Charing Cross Medical - is a patient-centered medical practice and walk-in clinic in Brantford where, besides full spectrum of family medicine, we accept referrals from other physicians to our mini-clinics for joint pain assessment and injections, skin cancer screening, pre-cancerous and benign skin lesions biopsy and removal, women's health & IUD insertion, and Botox treatment of migraines and excessive sweating

Charing Cross Medical, Brantford

Resources & Clinics

Imagus Inc. - x-ray and ultrasound facility owned and operated by the Radiologists of St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. Their new location in Ancaster now offers ultrasound guided joint injections.

Ancaster ultrasound

Motion Physio - a community based, physiotherapist owned and operated company that believes in optimizing client care by offering services to clients in various settings to achieve individual rehabilitation goals.

Motion Physio

CBI Health Centre in Brantford - from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to acupuncture and osteopathy, CBI Health Group offers a wide range of clinical and support services to help patients achieve best possible physical health

Brantford Radiology Group - highly qualified healthcare professionals committed to providing world-class medical diagnostic imaging services in Brantford, Ontario.

Brantford Radiology Group
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